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Ryuuto Itou - mekaku-city application by jellification Ryuuto Itou - mekaku-city application by jellification
This is an application for the group :iconmekaku-city: :dummy:
I hope I get in <:
Oh, and the reflection idea is from Luxiella!

❥ Name: Ryuuto Itou

❥ Age: 14
❥ Date of Birth: February 2nd, 2000
❥ Height: 5' 5"
❥ Weight: 101 lbs
❥ Sexual Preference: Straight (always looking for the ladies :iconsrapsrapplz:)
❥ Eye power: Awakening Eyes
        He can make himself even more beautiful and attractive at a given moment.

❥ Personality:
    On the outside, Ryuuto is a cool and charming young man that seems to get along with everyone. With his beautiful features (his height, face, and body), he is lively and athletic, thus making him one of the popular kids at school. He has many male friends and he absolutely adores ladies. Whenever he sees one that is beautiful and kind, he wants to snatch her up. Because of his love for women, he would do anything to impress the ones that he likes. Ryuuto is also surprisingly reliable when it comes to helping one of his friends or peers, which is also what makes him even more popular.
    However, Ryuuto is not the brightest person in the world when it comes to school. He constantly gets D's or C's in class, even though he genuinely tries to study for tests. The night before an important test, he always studies super hard because he wants to get an A to impress the ladies. Ryuuto secretly loves video games and abnormal food, but he keeps those things a secret from everyone else, afraid that his coolness will diminish. When it comes to unattractive people, Ryuuto is kind to them on the outside, but inside he is judging and shunning them. Also, he is extraordinarily messy, lazy, and stubborn. His home is full of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, and cockroaches, but he thinks that it is too hard to get up and clean everything. Finally, whenever somebody disagrees with his ideas, Ryuuto will gently sway them to his side, rather than give up, even if he is the one in the wrong.

❥ Biography:
    For most of his life, Ryuuto was a very unattractive young man that lived with his sister, mother, and father in a very wealthy household. Because of his dad's success as a doctor, his mother was able to become a normal housewife and they were able to buy a luxurious and private beach house on a very well-known beach. 
Before he was reborn, he had purple hair and radiant eyes, but his nose was displaced and his eyes were too far apart. Furthermore, he was girly. He was too short and he was definitely not the most handsome guy in his middle school class. Several times, Ryuuto was tempted to ask his parents if he could have plastic surgery because he still loved girls even then, but he didn't have the looks to ever successfully get a pretty girlfriend. After all, his family really could afford surgery because of their enormous wealth.
    Throughout his life, Ryuuto hated his sister, Minami Itou, because of her popularity and looks. He constantly wondered why HE didn't get the good genes of the family and he was immensely jealous of her. He wasn't as smart, attractive, or tall as her and he was sick of it. In order to try to become as popular as Minami, Ryuuto decided to become "the funny guy" at his school, where he was the class clown. Girls love funny guys right? Because of this, he was always faced with dares and he constantly had to research jokes at home to continue telling stupid jokes in order to impress his friends, and, more importantly, the girls in his class. Nevertheless, he never got a pretty girlfriend, or any girlfriend for that matter, while he still had purple hair.
    One day, he was dared by one of the prettiest girls in class to "take a selfie while burning something." He jumped at the chance of being known to that girl and he instantly accepted the dare with a smirk on his face. I am gonna get sooooo popular now, he thought as he went home to his beach house that day.
    When he got home, Ryuuto instantly dropped his school bag down and ran to his room with a lighter he stole from one of the kitchen cabinets and a tissue box. That day, he didn't even say, "I'm home!" Taking out his phone and taking out a tissue, Ryuuto positioned himself on his bed, ready to take a picture of the burning object. He lit the tissue, and quickly took a picture of himself smiling mischievously next to it. However, before he could put the flaming piece of cloth down, the fire had gone up to his fingers and he flinched, dropping the tissue onto the tissue box. In a matter of seconds, the whole box was up in flames, then his bed, then the whole room.
    Ryuuto ran out of his room into the kitchen to put the lighter back where it was and to find his family. He saw his mother cooking, and by then, the flames were eating up the whole house, as all of his surroundings were red and the heat was unbearable. He called out to his mother and pulled her onto the ground, where there was minimal smoke. Nevertheless, the flames got to him and his mother. Far away in the distance, he could hear his father yell, "Minami, watch out!" as the fire ate at his skin and clothes. He glanced at his mother by his side, who was already knocked out and burning as he smelled the scent of burning flesh. He wanted to cry out, to say sorry, and his last thoughts were, "If only I was just handsome to start with..." And then it was over.
    When Ryuuto regained consciousness, he was in a completely different body on the beach. His hair was white and he was tall and attractive. Because his last thoughts were to be handsome, he was reborn into a beautiful body and he got his eye power, Awakening Eyes. But he didn't remember anything. Ryuuto could vaguely recall some family memories, but he could not remember their faces and, in his mind, they were just white scribbles. The only solid thing he could remember was his name, Ryuuto Itou and his birthday. Multiple people surrounded him as he awoke and one person volunteered to take care of him. With nowhere else to go and an empty stomach, he said yes and, from there, he began his new life, blissfully unaware of his past sins.
    The day he cruising around town with his friends, he saw a remarkably beautiful lady that looked a little younger than him. She had light brown hair, stunning eyes, and was shorter than him. His heart did a little flip as he accidentally used his eye power in front of her. The girl swooned, and Ryuuto was pretty happy with himself. Katashi, the leader of the Mekakushi Dan, saw this and approached Ryuuto with the girl. Once Ryuuto's power wore off and the girl and his friends left (leaving Ryuuto sulking LOL), Katashi approached him. "You are not the only one with those eyes," Katashi said, and after a brief explanation of the Mekakushi Dan, Ryuuto became a member.

❥ Likes/Dislikes:
        + LADIES :iconpapmingplz:
        + Video games
        + His friends
        + Beautiful people
        + Abnormal/stinky food
        + Sports
        + Bugs
        + Red clothing

        - Unattractive people
        - Cleaning things up
        - Doing work
        - Tests
        - People that lie
        - Studying
        - Pink
        -His own stupidity

❥ Misc:
        -The person who takes care of him is an old man who often goes on business trips, so Ryuuto has the house to himself a lot
        -Ryuuto can only cook ramen and eggs
        -He has SUPER DUPER long feet (like footballs LOL)
        -He has a front braid because he wanted to be different from the other boys and he thought he looked pretty damn cool with it
        -His hair was naturally white when he was reborn
        -Ryuuto is very forgetful (cuz awakening eyes)
        -If he forgets someone's name, then he covers it up by saying how handsome/beautiful they are
        -He has made some guys gay //slapped
        -Wears his gloves because there are markings on them (similar to the ones on Konoha's face)

❥ Relationships:
    His sister is Minami Itou, but he does not remember her name or her face at all. He doesn't think to look for her because he believes he has no need to find someone from his past that he doesn't even know anymore.
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